Up your exposure! Our Peninsula booths are configured using four or more booths, exposing your display on three sides. There are two types of Peninsulas: (a) the type that backs to Linear booths, and (b) the kind that backs to another Peninsula booth and is referred to as a “Split Island Booth.”

For all Peninsula booths, the exterior of the back wall must be finished and may not contain booth identification, logos or advertisements.

If backed by a row of Linear booths, the back wall may be no higher than 4′ for a distance of 5′ from both side aisle and 16′-20′ high in the center of the back wall. These height restrictions must be maintained for a distance of 10′ from the back wall.

Where two peninsula booths share a common back wall (“Split Island”), the maximum height can be 16′ to 20′ in all areas, including the back wall.





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