Inline booths (also known as "linear") are typically the most common option on the trade show floor. One side is exposed to the aisle for easy viewing and access, as they arranged in a straight line along an aisle with neighboring exhibitors on either side. 

Linear Trade Show Booth

Typically 10x10 in size, however, inline booths can be customized to any width of your choice. Keep in mind that show regulations will restrict the sidewall height to a maximum of 8 feet, up until a distance of 5 feet from the front aisle. The remaining length of the sidewall should not be any higher than 4 feet and this rule applies even if you reserve multiple 10x10 spaces in a row.

For added visibility and foot traffic, consider a corner booth. This is an inline space placed at the end of a row, and benefits from the increased accessibility from two sides.

Take a look at our Portfolio for even more inline booth inspiration.

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Linear Booth

Inline Trade Show Booth

10 x 10 Numed-lightroom


Inline Trade Show Booth

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