Not every company needs a 40x40 double-decker-island-booth with fountains, stunts and a vending machine puppet show to attract the right leads. It really is possible to keep your budget AND trade show goals “in line” with an outstanding inline exhibit. Here’s why we love inline exhibits, and some inline best practices to help you maximize your space.


What are the benefits of inline exhibits?

  • A little goes a long way:

    Your inline exhibit options are typically limited to 10x10 or 10x20 spaces and a maximum height of 8’. Does that sound constricting? To us, it sounds like an exciting challenge. Consider these smaller quarters an opportunity to use strategic lighting, contemporary furniture, and powerful graphics to make a statement without the heavy price tag.

  • More budget freedom:

    Consider adding some bells and whistles, since you saved a hefty chunk of change by choosing an inline exhibit.

    Interactive touch screens and high-quality handouts are some engaging elements that help you meet your trade show objectives. When your trade show spending isn’t wrapped up in massive exhibits and pricey locations, you have more freedom to add these enticing extras to your inline booth.

  • Simplified setup and takedown:

    It feels pretty nice to have your booth neatly packed up and out the door while larger booths are tackling elaborate, time-consuming takedowns. You’ll save cash (and headaches) using an exhibit that pops up and packs up with ease.


What are some inline best practices?

  1. Open up front:

    Placing tables or chairs in the front of your booth makes it difficult for attendees to enter your booth space. While it may seem like a good idea to display your products or materials on a long counter near passing traffic, it’s just not very inviting.
  2. Less is more:

    A clutter-free space makes your booth appear larger and more professional. Your booth should have some place out-of-sight for staff to stash personal items and anything else that needs to be tucked away. 
  3. Send it back:

    Many exhibit spaces restrict taller items to the back half of the booth to ensure clear lines of sight. Plan for tall features to be placed near the back wall.
  4. Color courageously:

    Color is your friend in a small space! Determine your brand’s color scheme and use it to coordinate your exhibit with your company’s personality, while making a bold statement.
  5. Light it up:

    Lighting is one way to make your booth stand out without crowding your space. Lightboxes and display lighting help draw attention to the important parts of your exhibit.
  6. Furnish thoughtfully:

    While some inline exhibitors forgo furniture in the interest of open space, a couple of chairs certainly give a more welcoming appearance. Avoid bulky furniture and stick with compact-but-comfy items. 

We hope you’re feeling even more excited to exhibit after reading our inline best practices and benefits. If you could use some guidance to help you meet your trade show objectives, reach out to the gurus at Exhibit Options. We love this stuff!

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