If your products or services are too large or heavy to bring onto the show floor, don't sweat it. Check out the replica we built for Sensitech to showcase their services. 


Sensitech ships containers of produce each and every day around the world. So when it came to designing their trade show exhibit obviously, they wanted to represent what they do. The unilateral idea was to utilize a container for their exhibit, yet due to the significant weight and the costs associated with shipping a container into the convention center it just wasn’t going to be possible. The challenge for Exhibit Options was to create a display that mimicked the overall look and feel of a metal shipping container but was still lightweight and modular.


Converging on the container look we sourced metal sheeting that resembled the outer shell of the container. The internal structure was comprised of our CAM panels, which allowed us the stability to create the second level while keeping the weight at a minimum. The container door was CNC to appear like a real door, even with a working lock. We utilized faux brick to bring life to the market section of the exhibit. We also incorporated our modular system rental panels and covered them with SEG fabric to give Sensitech a seamless looking storage room and conference area. This fabric graphic application was also applied to the top of the exhibit.





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