Compact and efficient—PatientSafe Solutions desired to fill a number of rooms and elements into their 20x30 Island exhibit at HIMSS 2019. Here's what we delivered!



PatientSafe Solutions needed a number of elements all compressed into a 20x30 exhibit—two private fully enclosed meeting rooms, four iPhone style workstations, a tech closet that would also need to house the air conditioning units—reassuring the client that the air-conditioning problem she had with her previous exhibit house will certainly not occur with Exhibit Options and lights… lots of lights!



The first task was designing the exhibit to hold two private meeting rooms with a center closet, followed by incorporating a 15x10 backlit hanging sign to bring in the light—we added a pierce cut backlit white plexiglass logo on a marquee style bridge to allow a full lighting effect. 

To add a contrast with the white fabric graphics, we integrated brushed aluminum panels into the front of the booth, and designed an oversized light box into the side of the structure. 

Finally, we constructed the four iPhone workstations cohesively in the PatientSafe Solutions brand colors.







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