Brands in the food and beverage industry will typically request serving areas for their trade show booths, however, these areas often result in a crowded and messy space. 


Honest Tea desired a more approachable exhibit for their appearance at Natural Products Expo West. Their requirements included a large storage room in addition to the serving areas, but maintaining an open floor plan was key.



To preserve the natural and organic elements that represent the brand, we utilized wood grain laminates and wood grain vinyl flooring. The shelving units also included areas of moss and succulents.

A curved storage room would serve a dual purpose, as it provided the necessary space while maintaining an open flow feel. The refrigerators units were then flush mounted to the curved walls to preserve a clean line of site in all directions.

The serving counters and bar tables were covered with graphics to highlight their new products, and 3D letters were used for the company logo.








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