Your booth staffers are your brand’s face on the trade show floor — and what they do, say and even convey with their body language reflects back on you and your entire organization as a whole.

Want to make sure your booth team is putting the best possible brand image forward? Then train them on proper trade show etiquette.

Teach The Right Trade Show Manners

From what they wear and how they stand to the manner in which they approach, engage and speak to trade show goers, manners play a huge role in how your business is perceived.

Make sure your team knows these dos and don’ts of trade show etiquette before representing your brand at your next event:

Do smile and show enthusiasm.

It’s important that trade show visitors feel welcome and at ease in your booth, no matter who might be manning it.

Don’t cross your arms or seem unapproachable.

Body language is hugely important on the trade show floor. Make sure your staff is giving off a friendly, welcoming vibe — not a standoffish one.

Do greet your visitors and shake their hands.

This is where choosing the right team is important. Pick staffers that are outgoing, friendly and extroverted — ones who aren’t afraid to greet a newcomer with a smile and a strong handshake.

Don’t talk with other booth staffers or play on your phone.

Your visitors should be the priority. Make sure your team members aren’t chatting, looking at their phones or turning their backs on potential customers.

Do get a good night’s sleep before hitting the trade show floor.

Trade show days can be long and grueling. Your staffers should be well-rested, alert and at the top of their games.

Don’t go out partying at night with fellow staffers, or worse, potential customers.

Late-night partying doesn’t just make for a tired booth staff, but it also looks unprofessional. In some cases, it may even lead to PR snafus that hurt your brand’s reputation.

Do dress comfortably — but still professionally.

A professional, pulled-together wardrobe is vital, but make sure your team also dresses comfortably. They’ll need to be on their feet most of the day.

Don’t wear anything revealing or flashy.

Low-cut tops, overly flashy jewelry and bright colors distract from the overall message of your booth.

Do take breaks for water, meals and rest.

Encourage your team to take regular breaks to sit down, take a load off or just recharge. Stagger breaks between staffers so your booth is never short-changed.

Don’t eat, drink or chew gum while in the booth.

Keep the snacking and munching to breaks, and don’t let your team members greet visitors while chewing gum or sipping on beverages. It looks unprofessional and leads to unwanted messes.

Do Practice in Advance

Make sure you fully train your booth staff before your event nears. You want your team clear on not just these rules of the road, but also brushed up on their sales skills, their product expertise and their industry knowledge.

With this foundation — as well as the right exhibit displays and installation help — you’ll be well on your way to a profitable trade show outing. Contact Exhibit Options for more help making your event a success today.