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      By Rena Patton September 4, 2019

      Exhibit Design Best Practices for Meeting Space

      While your trade show booth will pique the interest of many potential customers, you’ll likely need a designated area for...

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      By Rena Patton August 28, 2019

      Trade Show Booth Design Process

      Exhibitors who are new to trade show planning will frequently underestimate how involved the trade show booth design process...

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      By Rena Patton August 21, 2019

      Trade Show Services: What, When, and How Much?

      Your exhibition space is a super-sized shop window that has the power to grow your customer base exponentially. Trade shows...

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      Tags: Services

      By Rena Patton August 14, 2019

      How to Determine Your Exhibit Booth Requirements

      There’s a lot that goes into determining what exhibits, displays, and booth elements you need for a show.

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      By Rena Patton August 7, 2019

      An Exhibitor's Guide to RFIs, RFQs and RFPs

      When designing a trade show booth, you want it to combine both excellent quality and value. A challenge like this involves a...

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      Tags: Exhibit Houses, Booth Design

      By Rena Patton July 30, 2019

      The Must-Ask Questions for Your Trade Show Retrospective

      Your trade show work isn't over when the expo doors have closed. A team retrospective will ensure you get the most out of your...

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