Even the most experienced exhibitors need help once in a while — and that’s a good thing. 

Reaching out, reading industry publications, and leveraging resources from top trade show players can help you grow as an exhibitor. It can mean a better booth, more visitors, and more successful trade shows overall. Isn’t that the end-goal for all of us?

Whether you’re feeling stuck, need a little inspiration, or want help perfecting your next show, there are countless resources you can pull from for help.

Here are a few favorites here at Exhibit Options:

1. Best for trade show news and tips: Exhibitor Online

Exhibitor magazine is one of the industry’s top publications, offering insights on trade show strategy, best practices, and trends, as well as resources for trade show prep and planning. If you’re looking to up your game as an exhibitor, you may also want to check out Exhibitor’s eTrak series. The online educational program offers sessions on event planning, logistics, marketing, content, and more.

Runners up: Exhibit City News, Trade Show Week and Tradeshow Life

2. Best for industry research: Center for Exhibition Industry Research

Need data-driven insights to help hone your strategy? The Center for Exhibition Industry Research is the place to go. The organization offers countless industry reports and studies, covering everything from marketing efficacy, average attendee ROI, and current trends, to predictive insights that can help guide future strategy and approach.

Runner up: Exhibit Survey

3. Best for finding that next trade show: Tradefest.io

Not sure what show to queue up for next? Tradefest.io has you covered. This free, online trade show directory has thousands of potential shows and conferences to choose from across countless locations, industries, and sectors. Whether you’re in construction, HR, finance, fashion, retail, or even food and beverage, Tradefest can help you find the  next best show for you. You can even read real-life exhibitor ratings and reviews to help you narrow your options.

Runners up: Trade Show News Network and Tradeshow Week

4. Best for electrical-related insights: Edlen

If you have questions about powering your booth, reducing your show’s electrical costs, or adhering to industry best practices when configuring your booth’s electric components, Edlen can light the way. The firm boasts more than four decades of experience and is the nation’s leading trade show electrical contractor. If you’ve got a question that’s power, lighting, or plumbing-related, Edlen is your one-stop-shop.

5. Best for trade show budgeting: Smartsheet

Smartsheet isn’t made for trade shows specifically, but it does have handy budgeting templates that are. These downloadable files help you plan your budget, track your expenses, and even keep tabs on payment dates and invoices. They work with both Excel and Google Sheets, so they’re super easy to use and always accessible. 

Runner up: ShowGo

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